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* fix bug that enabled RGBLIGHT_ENABLE on all my boards regardless if it was supported or not

* update changelog with new changes for 0.2.2
2019-04-22 21:52:05 -07:00
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MechMerlin's Userspace v0.2.0

This is a collection of my most commonly used QMK features.

A majority of my keyboards are smaller than 75%, ANSI, and staggered.


_BL (Base Layer)

Typical standard QWERTY keymap.

_FL (Function Layer)

This layer is commonly accessed via MO(_FL) on the base layer. It consists of your typical function key F1 through F12 and some RGB and Backlight controls.

_AL (Arrow Layer)

This layer is only present on my 60% boards. I habitually use the bottom right modifiers as arrows.

_CL (Control Layer)

This is not defined in here as it's present only on LAYOUT_66 boards, or to be specific, my clueboard. It currently uses the default clueboard controls.

Custom Keycodes

KC_FNX (Fn Extended)

KC_FNX functions as a hold for MO(X) and tap for TG(Y). Layer X and Y are different layers.

It is used primarily on my LAYOUT_60_ansi boards as my regular toggle (the 1u key to the right of right shift), is not present there.

KC_CTCP (Control Caps)

This is just a wrapper for CTL_T(KC_CAPS). This is a hold for control and tap for caps lock.

QMK Features


Ensures that when my computer is in sleep mode, the keyboard underglow lights will also be off.

Audio Clicky

If a board has a speaker, enable beeps and boops per switch actuation. This is currently only available on prototype/gen1 clueboard 66_hotswaps.


Velocikey is an RGBLIGHT feature in which the faster you type, the faster the ARE GEE BEES.