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Fix minor typo (#11962)
2 years ago
keymaps/default Fix minor typo (#11962) 2 years ago
bigknob.c [Keyboard] Leafcutterlabs (#11464) 2 years ago
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config.h [Keyboard] Leafcutterlabs (#11464) 2 years ago


A 4 key Macropad with Rotary Encoder based on Atmega32u4.

  • Keyboard Maintainer: LeafCutterLabs
  • Hardware Supported: Atmega32u4
  • Hardware availability: Case files are available here

Make example for this keyboard (after setting up your build environment):

make leafcutterlabs/bigknob:default

See the build environment setup and the make instructions for more information. Brand new to QMK? Start with our Complete Newbs Guide.