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#pragma once
#include "quantum.h"
#define LAYOUT( \
K0000, K0100, K0001, K0101, K0002, K0102, K0003, K0103, K0004, K0104, K0005, K0105, K0006, K0106, K0007, K0107, \
K0200, K0300, K0201, K0301, K0202, K0302, K0203, K0303, K0204, K0304, K0205, K0305, K0206, K0306, K0207, K0307, K0208, K0308, K0209, K0309, K0009, \
K0400, K0500, K0401, K0501, K0402, K0502, K0403, K0503, K0404, K0504, K0405, K0505, K0406, K0506, K0407, K0507, K0408, K0508, K0409, K0509, K0109, \
K0600, K0700, K0601, K0701, K0602, K0702, K0603, K0703, K0604, K0704, K0605, K0705, K0606, K0608, K0708, K0609, K0709, \
K0800, K1101, K0900, K0801, K0901, K0802, K0902, K0803, K0903, K0804, K0904, K0805, K0905, K0806, K0807, K0808, K0908, K0809, K0909, \
K1000, K1100, K1001, K1102, K1005, K1105, K1006, K1106, K1007, K1107, K1008, K1108, K1009 \
) { \
{ K0000, K0001, K0002, K0003, K0004, K0005, K0006, K0007, KC_NO, K0009 }, \
{ K0100, K0101, K0102, K0103, K0104, K0105, K0106, K0107, KC_NO, K0109 }, \
{ K0200, K0201, K0202, K0203, K0204, K0205, K0206, K0207, K0208, K0209 }, \
{ K0300, K0301, K0302, K0303, K0304, K0305, K0306, K0307, K0308, K0309 }, \
{ K0400, K0401, K0402, K0403, K0404, K0405, K0406, K0407, K0408, K0409 }, \
{ K0500, K0501, K0502, K0503, K0504, K0505, K0506, K0507, K0508, K0509 }, \
{ K0600, K0601, K0602, K0603, K0604, K0605, K0606, KC_NO, K0608, K0609 }, \
{ K0700, K0701, K0702, K0703, K0704, K0705, KC_NO, KC_NO, K0708, K0709 }, \
{ K0800, K0801, K0802, K0803, K0804, K0805, K0806, K0807, K0808, K0809 }, \
{ K0900, K0901, K0902, K0903, K0904, K0905, KC_NO, KC_NO, K0908, K0909 }, \
{ K1000, K1001, KC_NO, KC_NO, KC_NO, K1005, K1006, K1007, K1008, K1009 }, \
{ K1100, K1101, K1102, KC_NO, KC_NO, K1105, K1106, K1107, K1108, KC_NO } \