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Richard Dawe eb7e668eb9
Add RGB controls to picture; label Layer 3 correctly (#12337) 1 year ago
keyhive fbc40032e7 [Keyboard] add ut47.2 (#5788) 3 years ago
zvecr b173c05cc2 Tidy 40percentclub boards (#4403) 4 years ago
zvecr 73883425a5 relocate 40percent.club boards to new parent folder (#4380) 4 years ago
Anthony Metcalf bde1c9d909 Keymap file to match the TMK the board came flashed with (#2868) 4 years ago
Evan c17d15a305 Add keymap diagram (#2819) 5 years ago
Carlos 32446eeeb6 UT47 layout (#2791) 5 years ago