18 Commits (cd336b2b545798269405e8ffef0fe8958d4d27d4)

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Zach White cd336b2b54
bump to python 3.7 (#11408) 2 years ago
Zach White 448cc1acd5
remove deprecated qmk json-keymap (#11823) 2 years ago
Joel Challis 6c4b6531fe
CI: Add workflow for codebase formatting (#7382) 2 years ago
James Young c66df16644
2020 November 28 Breaking Changes Update (#11053) 2 years ago
Zach White 4d33d72975
New command: qmk lint (#10761) 2 years ago
Ryan 7ef98e7f61
CLI: Add `qmk clean` (#10785) 2 years ago
Zach White 0c42f91f4c
Generate api data on each push (#10609) 2 years ago
Erovia 058737f116
[CLI] Add c2json (#8817) 2 years ago
Zach White 751316c344
[CLI] Add a subcommand for getting information about a keyboard (#8666) 2 years ago
skullydazed 66d94dc22a
Move everything to Python 3.6 (#8835) 3 years ago
skullydazed f81b0e35a6
Add decorators for determining keyboard and keymap based on current directory (#8191) 3 years ago
skullydazed 2a05d433c9
Rename qmk json-keymap to qmk json2c (#8372) 3 years ago
jorgemanzo 897888db41 Add CLI command for flashing a keyboard 3 years ago
Cody Bender 7329c2d02d Add cli convert subcommand, from raw KLE to JSON (#6898) 3 years ago
fauxpark 2707652c98 [Docs] CLI command to serve docs locally (#6956) 3 years ago
Dan McClain f04e58dad6 [CLI] Add `qmk list_keyboards` (#6927) 3 years ago
skullydazed d569f08771
Configuration system for CLI (#6708) 3 years ago
Kenny Hoang 595232ec98 Created new_keymap.py, python version of new_keymap.sh (#6066) 3 years ago
skullY 9e5676650e Use docsfy to replace gitbook 4 years ago
Jason Gorman 19b02bf267 Merge of e6v2 stuff as well as my personal keymaps (#2434) 5 years ago
Jason Barnachea a972b26274 Add JC65 ps2avrGB keyboard (#2351) 5 years ago
Stacy Devino 5f0a2e078f JC65 - Adding in CapsLock LED support and my personal keymap 5 years ago
skullydazed 4cdcbdb861 Remove all Makefiles from the keyboards directory. (#1660) 5 years ago
Priyadi Iman Nurcahyo bd5f323bec IBM Terminal M-122 converter support 6 years ago
Fred Sundvik 44441de8ca Split keyboard makefiles into rules and Makefile 6 years ago
Fred Sundvik e01b4c3fd9 Most ergodox keymaps compiles on Infinity 6 years ago
Fred Sundvik 9af995c59b Initial structure for Ergodox as subprojects 6 years ago