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Dan Hertz c81e07fef5
[Keymap] Add dhertz' kanu layout (#11346)
* Add dhertz' kanu layout

* Fix delete button

* Add weak user layer change
2021-01-12 17:53:15 -08:00
Dan Hertz d8478351d7 Dhertz' keymaps (#3094)
* Port my keymap to QMK

* Add Percent Canoe keyboard

* Fix row of nonus backslash

* Update info.json to be correct for canoe

* fix alignment

* Use qmk shortcuts rather than tmk functions

* Move over first macro

* Move rest of macros over

* clean up unused functions

* Move files to userspace for HHKB

* Add keymaps for hhkb

* Change LAYOUT_ISO to LAYOUT_iso

* Remove bootloader key in info.json

* Remove tilde remap from Karabiner

* Add country_iso_alpha2_code to macros

* Add my keymap for canoe

* Add layer colour indicator

* Fix bad rebase

* Fix naming of keymap from rebase

* Add GRV to function layer

* Fix keymap to use new LAYOUT_JP

* Update keymaps to use process_record_*

rather than action functions

* Update hhkb imports to be just what is needed

* Update whitefox to use LAYOUT macro instead of KEYMAP

* Remove redundant imports from user definition

* Move TAPPING_TERM to config.h

* Use layer change events to change RGB LED colour

* temp

* Fix layer switching to iPad on HHKB

* Fix Canoe pictures
2018-06-02 08:50:01 -07:00