10504 Commits (0ec0d29e9f4d83af724d69efbaefeece57faddd9)

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Seth Barberee 0ec0d29e9f [Keymap] Adding my userspace and keymaps (#6496) 3 years ago
Joel Challis d8d2a09674 Fix LT() crashing some ARM keyboards (#6529) 3 years ago
Jarred Steenvoorden 576b138c6e Add romac keymap (#6523) 3 years ago
くまお工房 38ad0d2673 Modified imcomplete keymap for kudox jis. (#6524) 3 years ago
George Petri ed65881565 update arrows on lower layer (#6517) 3 years ago
Luciano Malavasi b93e1309e5 [Keyboard] Add meson keyboard (#6482) 3 years ago
Sascha Grunert 9114d6ebe9 Update keymap (#6515) 3 years ago
Florian B c0e6734d3f [Keymap] removes gamelayer, finally got rgb working (#5817) 3 years ago
fauxpark 406f03bb0c Mask off TD() parameter properly (#6143) 3 years ago
fauxpark 405dea01be Add some defaults for ATmega32A to mcu_selection.mk (#6253) 3 years ago
fauxpark 2f6c068e0d Extend allowed range of tappable keycodes to include modifiers (#5809) 3 years ago
fauxpark 2a534e87ac Rename QK_TMK(_MAX) to QK_BASIC (#6509) 3 years ago
x1 f3e73965f0 [Keymap] Add kudox japanese keymap (#6508) 3 years ago
Daniel Shields b4c03070de [Keymap] Fix rgb matrix effects on dshields keymaps. (#6505) 3 years ago
fauxpark 4d72aa428f Improve backlight PWM pin support (#6202) 3 years ago
Michael Clayton 57540af102 Change "yu" to "you" in combo docs (#6510) 3 years ago
MechMerlin 2c0c25d014 Move Alice to TGR Directory (#6502) 3 years ago
noroadsleft 8479dd65d4 [Keyboard] Southpole: add Configurator layout data (#6498) 3 years ago
skullydazed 3cb28bbe42
Use the older `universal_newlines` name instead of `text` (#6506) 3 years ago
dsanchezseco 74d7d232e3 added missing comment of RGB control keys planck/rev6 (#6503) 3 years ago
Matthew Treadwell 340c3abc28 Update gaming layout (#6504) 3 years ago
Zach DeCook 009d45d4d7 MIDI: Fix basic noteon: send correct velocity (#6476) 3 years ago
fauxpark 59d3b37130 Fix qmk_install.sh on Windows dropping to command prompt (#6488) 3 years ago
jotix a6701c28d2 [Keymap] Jotix ortho_4x12_layout (#6497) 3 years ago
MechMerlin 98b237a21b [Keyboard] New Keyboard: Booster (#6486) 3 years ago
Jeremy Bernhardt 07bdc8f4b7 [Keyboard] Added little fixes and bootmagic for gBoard keebs (#6477) 3 years ago
Yoshitake Hamano ae934c389e [Keymap] hhkb:halfqwerty_jp (#6475) 3 years ago
Branden Byers 6b27ebefc6 [Keyboard] Add cKeys' "The Dora" Board (#6469) 3 years ago
kakunpc f54e47c79d [Keyboard] Fixed Suihankey info.json (#6466) 3 years ago
x1 9587fac72a [Keyboard] Add kudox keyboard (#6459) 3 years ago
x1 e5831d79c0 [Keyboard] Add kudox game keyboard (#6460) 3 years ago
noroadsleft d967d3a6b5 Correct info.json data for Hnah40 handwired (#6489) 3 years ago
coseyfannitutti 620fcf12e8 Update info.json - discipline (#6483) 3 years ago
Sid Carter cacfaedb81 new keymap for projectkb alice (#6491) 3 years ago
Maarten Dekkers 209b6baaa8 Move maartenwut's keyboards to one folder (#6484) 3 years ago
MechMerlin 7f8922ae7b GH60 Refactor: Move Satan into GH60 directory (#6485) 3 years ago
fauxpark 72f382fc02 Remove unused _BOOTLOADER defines 3 years ago
coseyfannitutti 430c37024e [Keyboard] add keyboard-discipline (#6464) 3 years ago
Garrett Singer f644db042c [Split] Add config option for DIRECT_PINS_RIGHT (#6479) 3 years ago
zunger-humu 465acd4d09 [Keymap] Add some more commonly used symbols to melody96/zunger. (#6478) 3 years ago
Wilba 9ae874e0c3 [Keyboard] WT75-A & WT75-B fixes for QMK Configurator (#6472) 3 years ago
dsanchezseco 0261bf3e30 [Keymap] update to dsanchezseco keymap (#6470) 3 years ago
tucznak 586bd92ea7 [Keymap] Fixed Tanuki RGB lighting (#6462) 3 years ago
ai03 d68d510473 Add iS0 Keypad (#6456) 3 years ago
jotix ac20e7e3f2 [Keymap] jotix ortho_4x12_layout (#6458) 3 years ago
MechMerlin a2d61d76fa [Keyboard] New Keyboard: KBDPad MKI (#6452) 3 years ago
Brian L 17eea779df [Keymap] Adds Keymap for Iris/blucky (#6449) 3 years ago
XScorpion2 f1cebc9d9d [Keymap] Fixing Sol Rev2 default keymap OLED rotation. (#6448) 3 years ago
noroadsleft 9609ae60a6 [Keyboard] QWERTYYdox refactor (#6446) 3 years ago
Mazin Power 2a9856dff0 [Keymap] Adds keymap for muzfuz/lunar (#6432) 3 years ago