289 Commits (master)

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Zach White 588bcdc8ca
Add support for tab completion (#12411) 1 year ago
Max Audron e4d3ff2374
Add support for using podman to util/docker_build.sh (#10819) 1 year ago
Drashna Jaelre c80e5f9f88
Audio system overhaul (#11820) 1 year ago
Zach White cd336b2b54
bump to python 3.7 (#11408) 1 year ago
Dasky d92ffd1157
Adds AT90USB162 support (#11570) 1 year ago
Zach White 6368a5697d
Exclude more keyboards from CI (#11436) 1 year ago
Zach White a828a82d59 remove the python dep update 1 year ago
Zach White a1007627e4 fix travis 1 year ago
Ryan acec174fde
Homebrew install: ignore pinned formulae in `brew upgrade` (#11423) 2 years ago
MURAOKA Taro e11d3d524d speed up list_keyboards.sh 2 years ago
Maurizio Porrato 0f5f6a6a75
Add libusb-devel dependency for fedora (#11287) 2 years ago
Jonathan Paugh 992380a5dd
Add missing Debian/Ubuntu dependency to the install script (#11348) 2 years ago
Ryan 1b7b72c0e9
Ensure single newline at EOF for core files (#11310) 2 years ago
Nick Brassel 13bbeefc5a
Follow symlinks when listing keyboards. (#11250) 2 years ago
Zach White 03cbee8637
Add the ability to exclude keyboards from travis builds (#11178) 2 years ago
Ryan 6ea4b06f9f
Run cformat and dos2unix manually (#11235) 2 years ago
Ryan 37fb14f1b5
CLI-ify rgblight_breathing_table_calc.c (#11174) 2 years ago
Joel Challis 6c4b6531fe
CI: Add workflow for codebase formatting (#7382) 2 years ago
Joel Challis 8d6ad23b09
CI: Add workflow for tagging essential modified files (#7384) 2 years ago
Nick Brassel 4444f3cc55
Disable almost all ChibiOS subsystems in default configs (#11111) 2 years ago
Zach White 8724a70c4c
Reduce travis load by replacing an exclusive grep with an inclusive grep (#10964) 2 years ago
Ryan c21d5a0973
Refactor qmk_install.sh (#10681) 2 years ago
Erovia b337ba798e
CLI: Udev related fixes and improvements (#10736) 2 years ago
Joel Challis aae3b35c0f
CI: Add docs build and deploy workflow (#7448) 2 years ago
Morten Linderud 7d5ba88e6f
50-qmk.rules: Move udev rules from documentation into a file (#10664) 2 years ago
Ryan f0a1ab5488
MSYS and WSL installation improvements (#10593) 2 years ago
Ryan 482c9fbbf2
MSYS2: Switch to arm-none-eabi-gcc package (#10421) 2 years ago
Nick Brassel 385d49cc39 Initial work for consolidation of ChibiOS platform files (#8327) 2 years ago
Ryan c9c63806a7
MSYS2: install packages for AVR toolchain (#10078) 2 years ago
Ryan 517f6d2c22
MSYS2: install packages for dfu-programmer, dfu-util, teensy-loader-cli (#10007) 2 years ago
Ryan 19b70b2737
MSYS2: Switch to bootloadHID package and bring back avrdude package (#9736) 2 years ago
Ryan e8d577c081
Update new keyboard templates (#9636) 2 years ago
Brennan Vincent 85e20a5cf4
Fix typo in freebsd_install.sh (#9655) 2 years ago
moseschmiedel 3ff635b9a8
Add missing dependency for Void Linux to util/linux-install.sh (#9637) 2 years ago
Ryan c73125eea7
Void Linux: Switch to cross-arm-none-eabi toolchain (#9228) 2 years ago
Pete Johanson 3ad2be52a7
CLI: Improve experience when running `qmk setup` on FreeBSD. (#8798) 2 years ago
Ryan bcedc80ec7
MSYS2 install: bodge out avrdude package installation for USBaspLoader 2 years ago
skullY fcf150bd82 Streamline the macos install process 2 years ago
Ryan f66850bfd0
Improve stock bootloader list (#9067) 2 years ago
Ryan 6586280bf3
Add missing packages to Linux install scripts (#8895) 2 years ago
Ryan bc13dcd349
Remove Atmel FLIP from install scripts and documentation (#8822) 2 years ago
Ryan 5a45627e17
Remove old setup scripts (#8811) 2 years ago
James Forcier f538b2273a
Upgrade gcc version/tweak package installs in Gentoo installation (#8757) 2 years ago
Ryan 95c5c11d0b
Miscellaneous cleanups (#8639) 2 years ago
Ryan c18b51e68e
msys2_install.sh: wrap requirements.txt in quotes (#8424) 2 years ago
Nick Brassel d0c3acbe3e
Allow for ChibiOS 20.x (master), as well as enabling ChibiOS-Contrib HAL. (#8272) 2 years ago
James Young 26eef35f07
2020 February 29 Breaking Changes Update (#8064) 2 years ago
Mikkel Jeppesen 1566f0a997
Made windows driver installation accept y as All to allow CI (#8189) 2 years ago
Joel Challis 75e7018f72 CI: Add workflow for CLI testing (#7357) 2 years ago
dohq a539bd63fe Fix/remove missing package (#7897) 2 years ago