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Daniel Rodríguez Rivero 32d03eef90
Danielo515/redox (#8232)
* feat(build): added script for compiling with docker easily

* chore: bring my own build with docker to master

* chore: delete a file that does not make sense anymore

* feat: first redox for danielo

* chore: basic compatibility between redox and my space

* refactor: removed some old stuff

* feat: added go coding symbols

* feat: name control_k and alt_j

* chore: reduce combo term

* feat: improved first layer of redox

* feat: add configurations to the redox

* feat: make alt tab more portable

* feat: small improvements to redox layout

* feat: added leader

* refactor: move leader defs to my userspace config

* chore: movement modified

* feat: more predefined keys and a a new combo

* feat: redox alt tab functionality

* refactor: move alt_tab processing to a separate file

* refactor: early return

* refactor: move process record to a separate file

* format leader function

* chore: backspace on digits layer

* feat: add extra combo

* feat: added more combos

* implement guard proposed by @drashna

Co-Authored-By: Drashna Jaelre <>

* chore: include @drashna placeholder suggestion

Co-Authored-By: Drashna Jaelre <>

Co-authored-by: Drashna Jaelre <>
2020-03-12 02:50:19 +00:00