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Drashna Jaelre 7161d65070
Remove FAUXCLICKY feature (deprecated) (#11829) 2021-02-09 09:49:05 -08:00
Drashna Jaelre 92385b3fb6 Better handle LTO_ENABLE (#9832)
* Better handle LTO_ENABLE

Especially when calling from command line


* Remove long for LTO from
2020-08-29 14:30:02 -07:00
ridingqwerty 17a089d21b
Trim firmware size changes from default, part 4 (#8046)
* Trim firmware size changes from default-ish files

* Trim sizes from westfoxtrot boards
2020-01-31 09:10:23 +11:00
Joel Challis a4d138645f [Keyboard] Fix v60_type_r compile failures (#7250) 2019-11-03 14:42:21 -08:00
fauxpark b47c10bf6f Cleanup for 32U4 keyboards, T-Z (#7190)
* Cleanup for 32U4 keyboards, T-Z

* Use atmel-dfu in place of lufa-ms until it exists
2019-10-29 21:27:25 -07:00
Luke Wesley-Holley 4532caf5f2 [Keyboard] KBP V60 Type R Added ISO default (#6372)
* [Layout] KBP V60 Type R ISO default

* Remove ifdef

* Apply suggestions from code review

@noroadsleft I've accepted your suggestions. Tried locally any everything works as expected.

Thanks again - this if my first keyboard and first time looking at/ using/ contributing to qmk so I appreciate the feedback 👍

Co-Authored-By: noroadsleft <>
2019-07-22 02:06:06 -07:00
fauxpark ba42a5ae68 Remove commented out MCUs in (#5884) 2019-07-16 00:26:38 -07:00
MechMerlin b463415d84 [Keyboard] V60 Type R - Turn on leds for Configurator + Refactor (#5546)
* use pragma once where applicable

* remove ?

* update default keymap readme

* remove un need include

* update readme with newbs guide

* set underglow and backlight to be on by default, and explicitly set them to no for the default keymap to handle the non Polestar case.

* put mine and benlyall's name in the code

* update readme
2019-04-03 18:35:53 -07:00
WillyPillow 81c1bad7c0 [Keyboard] Fix bootloader size for v60_type_r (#4873) 2019-01-17 22:46:11 -08:00
Christon DeWan 78ef62764b Keymap: I got my intern a KBParadise V60 Type R... (#3813)
* new mode for v60

xtonhasvim. still working on it:

- need to get indicator lights going
- and fun layer properly fleshed out.

* status lighting, proper fun layer

copied fun layout from keycaps to maximize accessibility

* enable power return

* support brightness adjustment for indicators

* refined brightness setting.

is saved in eeprom now

* readme. and fixed tilde

* more modifiers fall through fun layer

* i mean, this kinda works..

* much more reliable way of restoring lights

* responded to feedback
2018-08-31 08:28:14 -07:00
MechMerlin 0b591fd843 Merlin community layouts (#3004)
* community layout support for eagle_viper v2 and remove mechmerlin keymap dir

* community layout support for eagle_viper v2 and remove mechmerlin keymap dir

* Change to QMK_KEYBOARD_H and remove merlin keymap in favor of cmmunity layouts

* community layout support 60_ansi

* community layout support for 60_ansi
2018-05-20 09:59:02 -07:00
benlyall feac994f6f Added support for V60 Type R Polestar backlight and RGB underglow (#1852)
* Added V60 Type R Polestar Backlight and RGB Underglow support

* made RGB Underglow stuff optional, to support the non Polestar V60

* updated readme and rules

* fixed typo in readme
2018-01-01 17:49:26 -05:00
mechmerlin 6ec7ccec63 Support for KBP V60 Type R 60% keyboard (#1770)
* Support for KBP V60 Type R 60% keyboard

Support does not include in switch or underglow lighting for Polestar Edition.

* rename v60type_r to v60_type_r

* Remove old v60type_r

* Modify to adhere with QMK readme formatting.
2017-09-29 11:51:12 -10:00