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noroadsleft 39addf8bc9 JD45: layout macro refactor
The macro that was LAYOUT prepended KC_ to all the keycode arguments, preventing the Configurator from working with the JD45. This macro is now LAYOUT_kc.

The macro LAYOUT is a more-standard macro.

Switch identifiers have changed throughout. Format is k<row><column>.
2018-10-26 07:03:46 -07:00
Eric 187d76476e QMK Configurator Support for JD45 and JD40 (#2851)
* Added JD45 Config

* Added JD40 Config

* Changed KEYMAP to LAYOUT for JD40 and JD45
2018-04-30 08:22:02 -07:00
Jack Humbert 13bb6b4b7f Backlight abstraction and other changes (#439)
* redoes matrix pins, abstracts backlight code for B5,6,7

* slimming down keyboard stuff, backlight breathing implemented

* don't call backlight init when no pin

* cleans up user/kb/quantum calls, keyboard files

* fix pvc atomic

* replaces CHANNEL with correct var in breathing

* removes .hexs, updates readmes, updates template

* cleans-up clueboards, readmes to lowercase

* updates readme
2016-06-23 22:18:20 -04:00
Jack Humbert 649b33d778 Renames keyboard folder to keyboards, adds couple of tmk's fixes (#432)
* fixes from tmk's repo

* rename keyboard to keyboards
2016-06-21 22:39:54 -04:00