A small cli application to convert MacOS's heic dynamic wallpaper images to dynamic wallpapers usable in the GNOME desktop environment.
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heic-to-dynamic-gnome-wallpaper 🌅 🎞 🌇

This project offers a cli to convert MacOS's dynamic wallpaper stored in .heic image containers to dynamic wallpaper definitions usable in GNOME.

Both solar position and time based wallpaper definitions are supported. Although due to the nature of the gnome wallpapers, solar based wallpapers will be transferred to a time based division, approximated from the solar position defined for each image.

🧰 Usage

Since most options are dictated by the image information, tweakable options are sparse. All you need to do is specify the path to the image you want to convert.
Optionally you can specify a path under which the new images extracted from the heic are to be stored including the xml specification for GNOME.


    heic-to-gnome-xml-wallpaper [OPTIONS] <IMAGE>

    -h, --help
            Prints help information

    -V, --version
            Prints version information

    -d, --dir <DIR>
            Specifies into which directory created images should be written to. Default is the parent directory of the
            given image.

            Image which should be transformed

📦 Installation

You'll need a working rust toolchain to install this tool at the moment, check out the instructions here on how to setup one.

Additionally, you need the following libraries often shipped as:

For openSUSE users Due to legal reasons the libheif package in the default repositories does not come with the h265 codec required to decode .heic images. The community maintained packman repository can be used here. Check out the openSUSE Wiki to see how to use their packages.

Local via cargo install

$ cargo install heic-to-dynamic-gnome-wallpaper

Local manual

$ git clone https://github.com/jwuensche/heic-to-dynamic-gnome-wallpaper
$ cd heic-to-dynamic-gnome-wallpaper
$ cargo install --path .
$ # OR
$ cargo build --release