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This project offers a cli to convert MacOS's dynamic wallpaper stored in `.heic` image containers to dynamic wallpaper definitions usable in GNOME.
Both solar position and time based wallpaper definitions are supported. Although due to the nature of the gnome wallpapers, solar based wallpapers will be transferred to a time based division, approximated from the solar position defined for each image.
## 🧰 Usage
Since most options are dictated by the image information, tweakable options are sparse. All you need to do is specify the path to the image you want to convert.
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> At the moment only wallpapers with a time based display cycle are supported, the barebone for sun based timing is present but not yet implemented
## 📦 Installation
You may either use the provided pre-built binary on this repository. Or build the project yourself on your local machine, you'll need a working rust toolchain in this case, check out the instructions [here](https://www.rust-lang.org/tools/install).

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- set as background after completion
- parallelize png encoding
- sun based need to be calculated based on the position given and the local timezone