A view wrapper for gyscos/cursive views which aligns child views
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Welcome to cursive-aligned-view 👋

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A view wrapper for gyscos/cursive views which aligns child views

This project provides an AlignedView for gyscos/cursive views which makes it possible to align the child view (center, left, right, top, bottom). The AlignedView uses the required_size reported by the child view and fills the rest of the available space with the views background color.

How does it look like? demo terminalizer

Expand to view aligned-view demo


Simply add to your Cargo.toml

cursive-aligned-view = "^0"

Aligning a child view

The easiest way to align a view is via the Alignable trait:

use cursive_aligned_view::Alignable;

let aligned = child_view.align_center();

This is the preferred way as it is chainable and consistent with cursive's Boxable and Identifiable traits.

As an alternative you can use the AlignedView constructors directly:

use cursive_aligned_view::AlignedView;

let aligned = AlignedView::with_center(child_view);

Look into the documentation for a detailed explanation on the API.

Supported Alignments

Alignment Construction method
top left align_top_left
top center align_top_center
top right align_top_right
center left align_center_left
center align_center
center right align_center_right
bottom left align_bottom_left
bottom center align_bottom_center
bottom right align_bottom_right


If you find any bugs/unexpected behaviour or you have a proposition for future changes open an issue describing the current behaviour and what you expected.

Development cargo test

Running the tests

Preparing integration tests

To perform the test it's advisable to install cargo-insta in case your tests fail and you want to inspect the received output.

$ cargo install cargo-insta

You will also need insta to validate new tests you add or update older ones.

Running all test suites

Just run

$ cargo test

to execute all available tests.

Or if you want to interactively inspect failed tests

$ cargo insta test

shields.io endpoints

shields.io endpoints are generated inside the ./target/shields folder. They are used in this README.


Fin Christensen

:octocat: @fin-ger
🐘 @fin_ger@weirder.earth
🐦 @fin_ger_github

Johannes Wünsche

:octocat: @jwuensche
🐘 @fredowald@mastodon.social
🐦 @Fredowald

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